Kastens & Knauer - Aluminum bars

Aluminium bars

extruded, drawn, forged and casted

One of the traditional strengths of our company is the great variety of bars we offer from stock. Our diameter range is from 6,0 mm up to 700 mm.
Unnecessary to say that we also cut bars up to the largest diameters we carry on stock.

- cold finished (drawn) bars with tight diametertolerances
- extruded bars with the largest variety of diameters and alloys
- forged bars for high strength values for large diameters
- casted bars for lower mechanical demand but low residual stress

The usage and application for bars in the industry is nearly unlimited. From the machine building industry, the automotive- or electronic industry up to the moulding manufacturing and aerospace application. The aluminum bar is the allrounder within the CNC machining process.


We stock:

EN AW-2007
EN AW-2011
EN AW-2017
EN AW-2024
EN AW-5083
EN AW-5754
EN AW-6060
EN AW-6061
EN AW-6082
EN AW-7075

You can also get cut-offs, please send us your inquiries.