Kastens & Knauer - Aluminum precision plates CST-M®

Aluminum precision plates KuKplan CST-M®

cast, sawn, milled on both sides and PVC-coated

Our fine milled precision plates with brand name KuKPlan CST-M® we produce from our sawn all sides cast plates KuKPlan CST®. We store thicknesses from 8 - 60 mm in standard formats.
Order-related, any desired thickness can be produced.

These plates are mainly used in general engineering and also in fixture construction that require a medium mechanical strength and excellent machinability.
Extremely low residual stress, very narrow thickness- and flatness- tolerances and the fine milled surface with a very low roughness characterize this product.

Alloy types:

KuKPlan CST® 5xxx


Homogenized structure