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KASTENS & KNAUER is the largest private owned German aerospace distributor and processing center. Our aim is to act and react fast, with a high level of competence and professionalism. The whole company, our employees and workers are committed to the aerospace and have a great expertise in the industry since 1988. Our stock portfolio will be extended frequently due to markets demands.

Our main products in the aerospace are aluminum plates, aluminum sheets, aluminum bars and non-alloyed titanium CP sheets. Our warehouse and processing center is working in shifts. We process from precision cutting up to pre-machining according to drawing.

You can find here and in the download area actual aerospace brochures and approvals.


KASTENS & KNAUER aerospace materials ... approved quality

KASTENS & KNAUER's aerospace process and material quality is approved and certified since 1988. We strictly work to the international process and regulations in the aerospace. AS EN ISO 9120 is certified by international accredited third parties like the TÜV Nord. We are also committed to the national German guidelines of the national aerospace organisation BdLI (Bundesverband der Luftfahrtindustrie) for stockists (QSF-D) and for processing centers (QSF-A).

KASTENS & KNAUER is member of the northern German aerospace association Hanse Aerospace.