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Our products

KASTENS & KNAUER offers its customers a wide range of aluminum products, brass, bronze and special aerospace materials.

Whether sheets, plates, bars, tubes and extrusions - we offer almost all shapes and sizes from stock.

Years of experience have shown which products have a great demand in the market and which products have to be specially made to customers specification. 

KASTENS & KNAUER is equipped with seven precision plates saws, five huge Gantry band saws and two waterjet cutting systems to produce blanks, rings and circles.

Our product portfolio consists of thousands of different types of aluminum semifinished products. These include, for example, round bars with diameters up to 700 mm and aluminum plates with a thickness of up to 500 mm. Furthermore we are an approved and certified suplier for the Aerospace Industry .

For KASTENS & KNAUER the main important aspect is the quality of the products. Among other things, the different requirements of EN standards. For this reason, a consistently high product quality is guaranteed thru our supply chain for many years.

Furthermore we make sure with our own truck fleet, that the requested products arrive in-time and without dammage at the customer. We know the specifics of each of our products and therefore know what must be considered during packing and transportation. At the same time we are flexible with our logistic solutions and control the whole process. Our truck fleet is 100% visible on GPS screens, so we can tell you exactly where your goods are.