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Our service offer:

Complete processing according to drawing

In addition to the procurement and delivery of various metals, KASTENS & KNAUER offers you the complete machining of your aluminium components according to drawing.
All processing steps offered are carried out in-house. Only for surface finishing do we commission our long-standing partners.

This combination offers our customers advantages, especially in terms of time: Material does not have to be procured or processed via third parties, and delivery is also handled directly by KASTENS & KNAUER's own shipping company. This eliminates the time-consuming coordination of different companies and the entire processing of an order is noticeably shortened. All queries, whether of a technical, commercial or logistical nature, are answered by one point at KASTENS & KNAUER.

CNC machining, water jet machining and the locksmith's shop are located at the Lilienthal-Gutenbergstrasse site. The work preparation, QA acceptance, measuring and material testing centre as well as packaging and dispatch for finished parts are also located there.

Specialised in aluminium, we offer our customers complete machining according to drawings. Modern machinery enables us to manufacture turned and milled parts, assemblies, folded and bent parts as well as welded constructions. Through our large metal warehouse of the trading division, we supply ourselves and optimally cover the needs of our customers.

Our modern machinery includes 3-axis horizontal milling centres with travels of up to 1500 x 3000 mm, two water jet systems with working areas of 3000 x 6000 mm. In addition, we have guillotine shears, CNC swivel and CNC die bending machines, profile and tube bending machines, pillar drilling machines, welding workstations and much more.

This enables us to respond to the diverse wishes of our customers and to manufacture the required parts at an optimal price-performance ratio and deliver them directly to you.

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