Kastens & Knauer - Service


In addition to the supply and delivery of various metals, the company KASTENS & KNAUER offers also all kind of raw material processing. This combination provides our customers with benefits: material must neither be procured nor processed through a third party and also the delivery is handled directly through the own forwarding agency of KASTENS & KNAUER. This avoids a time-consuming coordination of various companies and the entire execution of a job can be shortened perceptibly.

The machining facility is located also in Lilienthal/Bremen. Furthermore there are located planning, programming, quality assurance and the machinery. As we have more than 35 years of experience the different materials can be processed quickly.

For aluminum we offer our customers the complete buit-to-print. Modern machines enable us to manufacture turned and milled parts, assemblies, edging- and bending parts as well as welded parts. 

Our machinery is dedicated to general engineering needs. We operate 3- and 4-axes CNC maching centres, waterjet cutting machines and sheet metal equipment.