Kastens & Knauer - History


The company was established 1977 in Bremen under the firm kastens & knauer gmbh & co metall-service center kg. The incorporation of KASTENS & KNAUER GMBH & CO INTERNATIONAL KG followed in 1988 and supported the increasing activities in the Aerospace and Export.

In the year 2000 all activities have been concentrated in todays KASTENS & KNAUER GMBH & CO INTERNATIONAL KG.

1977:              Distribution and simple processing like cut to size

1978:              First CNC machine

1984:              Start of the Aerospace business and approval by MBB

1986:              Increasing capacity in Bremen

1991:              Move of the company to the city of Lilienthal close to Bremen. Approx. 20 Employees

1992:              Increasing Floorspace by new production facility

1995:              New office building

1996:              Purchase of neighboured production and stocking area

1999:              Purchase of production facility dedicated for the production of Castplate KuKplan CST

2001:              Further purchase of stocking facility

2005:              New office building and centralized administration

2006:              Build-up of 5800 sqm cutting center

2006:              First purchase of a automatic stocking system FEHR Honeycomb stacker

2008:              Installation of FEHR Honeycomb stacker #2 und #3

Up to 2016:   built-up of another three warehouses with a total area of 8.000 sqm and installation of FEHR Honeycomb
                        stacker #4 - #6

2016:              Acquisition of Koch + Krupitzer in Schenefeld on 01.10.2016

2017:              Takeover of the operational business of Hofmeister & Meincke Metallhandel GmbH on 01.01.2017

                        40 years KASTENS & KNAUER GMBH & CO. INTERNATIONAL KG