Kastens & Knauer - Code of conduct and compliance

KASTENS & KNAUER Code of Conduct

As a worldwide operating company with own foreign branches we strictly work to ethic and moral rules.

In accordance with the global Compact initiative of the United Nations we formulated our code of conduct.

In all transparency we display our 10 Rules to customers and suppliers:


  1. We work in accordance with all national and international laws and regulations

  2. We respect and support the international human rights

  3. We do not, in any case, accept any violation or discrimination of Employees or their relatives based on racism, nationality, religion etc.

  4. We commit ourselves to environmental protection and sustained handling of our natural resources

  5. We do not allow or support in any way business cases built on corruption or bribery

  6. We respect and follow the applicable rules and laws of the sales and transport of Dual-Use goods

  7. We protect the confidential data of our employees, customers and suppliers

  8. We respect and live the values of our company

  9. We work together on the base of tolerance and respect of every individual

  10. We promote the social development on local base and show engagement in social, ecologically and cultural areas.