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Aluminum poles

pressed, drawn, forged and cast

The use of aluminium rod, especially in industrial applications, is almost unlimited. As a serial turned part in the automotive or electrical industry.
As a small series part in tool and mould making.


Depending on the alloy, a wide variety of mechanical and decorative properties make the aluminium bar an all-rounder in CNC machining.


  • EN AW-2007

  • EN AW-2011

  • EN AW-2017

  • EN AW-2024

  • EN AW-5083

  • EN AW-5754

  • EN AW-6060

  • EN AW-6061

  • EN AW-6082

  • EN AW-7075

We can also supply fixed lengths at short notice. We cut all dimensions to your desired fixed size on modern sawing centres. Fast and precise.


One of the traditional products of our company. Bars from 6.0 to 700 mm diameter are stocked in a wide variety of alloys.


  • Drawn bars with limited diameter tolerances

  • Pressed bars with the widest range of alloys and dimensions

  • forged bars for high requirements with large diameters

  • Cast bars for low requirements and low residual stresses

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