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Our products

KASTENS & KNAUER offers its customers a wide range of aluminium products, but brass, gunmetal and special aerospace materials are also part of the company's comprehensive range. Whether various sheets, plates, rods or tubes - we offer almost all shapes and manufacturing options to meet the different needs of our customers. Many years of experience have shown which products are in particular demand on the market and which have to be specially manufactured if required. Today, this is reflected in our warehouse structure, which enables us to meet the needs of many customers promptly. For customised products, on the other hand, we are equipped with special devices - such as modern sawing centres and water jet cutting systems - which enable the dimensionally accurate production of, for example, blanks, rings and circular blanks.



A large part of our product portfolio is made up of various aluminium products. These include, for example, round bars with diameters of up to 700 mm and aluminium plates with a thickness of up to 500 mm. In addition, our product range also includes special makes manufactured according to aviation standards. These include sheets and plates as well as a separate titanium range. However, customers can not only purchase aluminium from KASTENS & KNAUER, but also products made of brass or gunmetal, which can be purchased in the form of various rods, for example.
KASTENS & KNAUER's main focus is always on the quality of the products. Among other things, the various requirements of the DIN standards, which we always comply with and according to which the products of many divisions are certified, serve as a benchmark. This ensures a consistently high product quality that our customers have been able to rely on for years.



In addition, our own freight forwarding service ensures that the requested products arrive at the customer's premises in undamaged condition. We know the special features of each of our products and therefore know which factors have to be taken into account during packaging and transport. At the same time, we can flexibly arrange delivery dates with our customers, as we are not tied to third-party companies. This enables us to supply our customers with high-quality, perfectly fitting and undamaged products.


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